I am an interior decorator and decorative painter who has lived and worked in the UAE for the past 11 years. This blog is a record of my thoughts, inspirations and my projects. I have been lucky enough to have worked on some of the most prestigious projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and to have contributed in some very small way to the growth and development of one of the newest cities in the world. The UAE is a fascinating, sometimes challenging ,and constantly changing place and through this blog, I hope to be able to also show you a little bit of life for an expat in the Middle East.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks so much for popping by my blog so that I can discover yours! So nice to “meet” a fellow Dubai expat – mind you, you’re a veteran at this point – I only arrived in May so I still have a lot to discover (now that temps are cool enough to be outside without spontaneously combusting!) I’m looking forward to digging through your archives and reading more about what you’ve been up to.
    As for the chalk paint, definitely try it! I was discouraged when trying to source Annie Sloan’s but this worked like a charm!

  2. Hola!! me encanta tu blog, tambien sigo hace 2 años a house of philia y char & city!! yo vivo en Argentina, Bs. As. , besos!!

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