The Holy Month begins….


image via adesigndiary
image via adesigndiary

Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim readers and friends….

The Holy Month of Ramadan has officially begun..actually it started a few days ago..and the slower pace of life here in the Middle East has started.

We only work until about 2pm and then most people head home to rest until Iftar (the breaking of the fast) . Because its summer , the fast is only broken after 7pm which is when the sun starts to set…I feel immense sympathy for the devout Muslims who have to fast in the heat. I could probably manage not eating during the day but I need to drink in this heat …I normally drink about 2.5 ltrs in the type of heat we are experiencing! The temperatures at the moment are sky high at about 45-48 degrees C during the day and “cooling” to about 30 at night. The heat is not the worst of it actually, but rather the suffocating humidity which I am finding stifling at the moment. I am literally counting the days until the cool weather starts again in October!!


image via adesigndairy
image via adesigndairy

This year I really want to go to one of the fabulous Iftar feasts offered by the hotels in Dubai…the food offered at this time of the year is absolutely wonderful and the atmosphere in the Iftar tents is relaxed and jovial. No alcohol is permitted of course but it makes no difference at all as it is a celebration none the less and I actually find it refreshing that so much fun can be had without a drop of drink! Each hotel tent is nicer than the next and the biggest decision is which one to choose!

Aside from the Iftar buffets, I am going to use this down time as an opportunity to catch up on my long list of chores which I never seem to have time for , particularly sorting stuff out in my apartment. I’ve had two weeks of flat out work on a deadline for a visual merchandising  project so everything has fallen way behind ….time to catch up with all of that now. I am also going to set up some online marketing for a gorgeous range of fabrics which I have found and I am definitely going to have to get some mall walking in too! (I walk in the mall near to my apartment to get exercise because frankly its just too damn hot outside !)  All in all, perhaps down-time was not the right word after all!!

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