Rihanna’s at it again…..

Yes , she’s done it again. Rihanna has “shocked” the world by wearing a barely there dress to some awards show…I have no idea which nor do I care! The woman is a lunatic…she’s not stylish or elegant yet she got exactly what she wanted..press time and free publicity.

image via http://www.independent.co.uk/
image via http://www.independent.co.uk/

And her eager fans lap it all up! What concerns me is that young girls see this and think it’s all OK but at the risk of sounding like a Victorian maiden, I think its tasteless and tacky. Would it not have been equally as sexy if she had worn a flesh toned undergarment? I don’t know…maybe I am getting old as my 18 year old niece keeps telling me!!


Is this sexy? Or too much? Perhaps not, from a male perspective …..she is a beautiful and talented girl, but too much is too much!!


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