Great Excitement…..

image via 7daysuae
image via 7daysuae

The UAE and Dubai in particular is buzzing right now with the imminent announcement of the host of the Expo 2020. To add to the excitement, the UAE celebrates its 42nd anniversary on December the 2nd.

image via
image via

The mood is really positive and almost everyone is convinced that we will win the bid to host the 2020 Expo…as HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has said, even if we don’t win, Dubai will still grow and prosper at an incredibly fast rate but it would be SO GREAT if we did win the bid!! We certainly have the infrastructure, (our second major airport was opened recently) it is one of the safest countries in the world and we have numerous tourist attractions which would enthrall even the most jaded of travelers!

image via
image via

It would mean  a great boost for my  work too..more hotels would need to  be built and malls will be made bigger and better than before…all this requires luxury decoration and I will hopefully be there to  provide it!

I am holding thumbs and hoping for  the future of Dubai, that we get the bid. We will find out tomorrow!

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