Stormy weather….

image by adesigndiary
image by adesigndiary

You may well wonder why a rainy day deserves a post but it really is a rarity in the UAE…so much so that due to the amount of rain which has fallen ,  many schools were closed because of flooding in some areas …it may seem extreme but rain causes the most incredible amount of chaos! We are just not set up to deal with more than a few drops of rain..anything more than that and common sense (and our drainage system) breaks down!

image by adesigndiary
image by adesigndiary

I may be alone, but I happen to love rainy and stormy days…the dust is washed off plants and trees, the  strong light is diffused by the clouds and it seems as though the frenetic pace of the city slows down for a few hours. I like to leave all my windows wide open to let in the fresh, damp air and the wonderful smell of the rain. The weather forecast for this weekend is more of the same so I am thrilled and I will more than likely head to the beach for a walk in the rain….

image by adesigndiary
image by adesigndiary

7 thoughts on “Stormy weather….

      1. Ah…… I love the rain so I can just imagine how happy you must be. Yes, we are spoilt but I always find myself being so thankful everytime because it is special even if it can sometimes put a damper on things. When you don’t have much of it, it makes you realise how special it is. I didn’t even realise it rains there so that was amazing news.

      2. We get about four drops a year and then every few years it rains solidly and it literally causes a state of emergency and serious flooding…I mean abandon small cars in the middle of a puddle type flooding! Its a definite advantage having a 4×4 with a high clearance but unfortunately I am driving a rented Yaris at the moment so I am staying indoors for the time being!!

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