I am back….

thailand 2013 020

Sorry for vanishing again….I had a quick last minute trip to Thailand with my incredibly generous sister! What a wonderful break and one I really did need…but as with many people who run their own business, not much gets handled unless you are present ,so I have spent the last few days sorting out all the issues which developed while I was away!


I am back in the office now and straight back into a project which literally popped up two days before I left! I will share the details with you as soon as they are finalised…I am thrilled as it is an old client I previously did a lot of work for and they have asked me to refurbish and also do some additional work on the project, so we have the chance for work which will keep us busy for the next few months.

I will leave you with a glimpse of some of my Thailand images…





2 thoughts on “I am back….

  1. Wow, your pic’s are fantastic I hope you had a fabulous time. But as always we have to rush back and get going with work again and then the holiday quickly becomes a distant memory. Your will have to post more fabulous holiday pics.

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