Happy Birthday Madiba….

image via http://krovfm.com/

I grew up during the Apartheid Regime in South Africa and I have vivid childhood memories of the numerous inequalities imposed on the African people in South Africa…at the time I was obviously too young to realise fully what was going on ,but when I eventually moved to the United Kingdom to visit and travel around Europe in my early twenties, it struck me that how we were living in South Africa was not normal….when Nelson Mandela was finally released in 1990, I joined the rest of South Africa in celebration of the end of Apartheid and the start of badly needed change. I stood in line with thousands of other people when we all , the whole rainbow nation, voted for the new government.

I admired the man who became the leader of our new country, particularly for the way that he embraced the whole nation, and for the peace and reconciliation which he represented. He was truly the father of our nation, and we all felt it and still do.

image via http://iappsofts.com/
image via http://iappsofts.com/ one of South Africa’s proudest moments

While the current  government is unfortunately mired in scandal and corruption, Nelson Mandela still stands as a beacon of hope for his people…Happy  95th Birthday Madiba.

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