Just checking in..

It’s been a busy week of the usual rushing about…the heat and humidity is really exhausting and the constant temperature changes as you jump into a car, switch on the A/C, travel to wherever you are going, jump out into the heat…rush into an icy building, have the meeting, then back out into the heat and obviously a super hot car…. then the car eventually cools down and then you are just getting used to the temperature when you are back out into the heat again at the next appointment! It really takes it out of you, resulting in one arriving home feeling like a wet rag…literally!

image via http://www.houseandleisure.co.za/
image via http://www.houseandleisure.co.za/

I have been taking great comfort in reading one of my favourite magazines from South Africa, House and Leisure-it is winter in South Africa of course, so the decor reflects the season with lovely rich colours and gorgeous wintry vistas!


This contemporary home in particular, caught my eye- the lines are just beautiful and I love the simple colour scheme….




All images via http://www.houseandleisure.co.za

2 thoughts on “Just checking in..

  1. I do feel for you Jules, it’s suddenly very hot here too (no airconditioning at all) , not as hot as Dubai of course…a steady 38 °c here at the moment. I love the house in za, but what do you think of the very large tower “clock” trend, I get the heebi-jeebi’s when I see those enormous reminders of how life is ticking by…….prefer to do the Italian thing and ignore time altogether. Life is so much less stressy that way.

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