Wicker baskets…

A few days ago I wrote a post about wicker furniture used indoors as opposed to traditional outdoor furniture, and I mentioned that wicker baskets are a great way to add interest to rooms as well as providing great storage options for toys, magazines, shoes…you name it, any kind of clutter can be successfully corralled in a basket of some kind!

image via http://www.johnjacobinteriors.com/

A perfect way to present bulbs or indoor plants..in a basket on a hall table.

image via http://www.johnjacobinteriors.com/
image via http://www.johnjacobinteriors.com/
image via http://www.johnjacobinteriors.com/
image via http://www.johnjacobinteriors.com/
image source unknown

I am fairly certain that the above image is Gwyneth Paltrow’s enviable kitchen..I love the storage baskets on the lower shelf of the island.

image via Lonny magazine

Even in a more contemporary home, baskets look great..the choice of  a more streamlined option rather than a rustic one works better in this environment.

image via Cote de Texas blog

Here Joni from Cote de Texas uses wicker trunks for storage in a client’s living room.. perfect for storing toys and games or seasonal scatter cushions and throws.

image via House and Leisure magazine
image via House and Leisure magazine

A lovely African basket used here to store what looks like onions and ginger…or some kind of seed pod.

image via House and Leisure magazine
image via House and Leisure magazine

This looks like a laundry basket.

image via House and Leisure magazine
image via House and Leisure magazine

Baskets used as kitchen storage, in what would be a wasted space…it also warms up a cool and fairly contemporary treatment of the cupboards.

Image via adesigndiary
Image via adesigndiary

A gorgeous image of my friend D’s lovely veranda – her baskets hold magazines.

image via adesigndiary

In her kitchen, more magazines and cookbooks in the baskets.

image via lndolozi.com
image via lndolozi.com

Baskets on an ottoman as part of a stylish vignette.

Baskets are no longer the frilly, cottagey accessories of the 80’s and they have developed into useful and chic additions to any style of decoration.

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