I’ve gone Missing…again….

I realised this morning that it is almost a month since I last posted… where does the time go?

I have had a busy few weeks with our Mum visiting from the UK, a little 4 day get away to the East coast of the UAE, and work on projects in Dubai which has taken up a lot of time!

I wanted to show you a quick look at what I have been doing…



This is an apartment I have been working on for about a year..it is slowly coming together and I hope to be able to show some more photos now that we are almost finished!

may 2013 089



4 thoughts on “I’ve gone Missing…again….

  1. I love all the colours in the room, its so calm and peaceful and really sophisticated. I have felt so dead in the water and totally uninspired with my business and am having to force myself to perk up. But thats how is goes I suppose its just frustrating when its happening to you, I would imagine its like writer’s block. So its good to see what others are doing and be inspired. Thank you – great job. xx

    1. Amanda.thank you for the kind words. I am sorry to hear that you are having a “dry spell”inspiration wise…trust me, you are not alone!All of us have the same issues when it comes to being creative!
      People so often say to me that I have such a great job , being creative all day. The truth of it is that the creativity is such a small part of the job and when I am under any stress, it is nearly impossible to be creative when one needs to be. It is really difficult to switch creativity on and off as you need it.
      I hope you find the spark you need soon!

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