Goodbye to the Iron Lady…

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I was saddened to hear about the death of Margaret Thatcher yesterday….I lived in England for just over a year when she was prime minister, and while I was certainly not interested in the politics of the day, I couldn’t help but be impressed at Mrs Thatcher’s achievements…mostly the fact that she was a woman in a position of power! My inner Feminist was overjoyed in fact!

I don’t think I really understood the turmoil which the UK went through during her years of office and it was only when I saw the amazing film”The Iron Lady”that I fully realised what had really gone on.

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What has saddened me even more was seeing the people who actually rejoiced in her death…I find that kind of behaviour extreme and strange…despite what your political views were (or are) can people not step back and admire her for her role in the history of  Britain, without denigrating her in death? I think it is in very bad taste…. she was a human being and as such surely deserves respect in death. To celebrate her death with bottles of champagne is just horrible….

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Farewell Iron Lady.

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