Weird Weather…

image by JF
image by adesigndiary

I am sitting at my desk writing this post, while listening to thunder and falling rain….I know it may seem mundane to most people outside of the UAE, but this is a rare occurrence and particularly rare at this time of the year. Our “rainy period” (if we can call it that) is usually December and January so to  be having rain and a storm at that in April is most unusual…and very welcome….all I have to say is that I am loving the smell of the rain on the sand and the cool weather it brings with it….once it has rained, all the sand and dust gets cleaned off everything and for a few days, Dubai really does look clean and fresh!

image via adesigndairy
image via adesigndairy

Yesterday we had a sand storm which hit us around 2pm and it seems that it brought the rain with it because last night, I went to sleep with thunder, lightening and heavy rain ….it was wonderful!

Looks like more of that today …all I want to do is curl up under the duvet with a good book, but alas, work beckons!

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