The Frugal Queen…

frugal queen

I recently started following this interesting blog written by an unbelievably resourceful woman who calls herself The Frugal Queen. She is on a mission to live a debt free life and while reading her blog, I have realised how easily we (as a society) accept and live with debt. Having gone through some tough times myself over the past few years, I can honestly attest to the stress which presses down on you when you have debt….it is like a huge load on your head,  which can be avoided…Frugal Queen’s message is really simple: live within your means.

This sounds like a simple message but it made me think a lot about how few people I know who are actually doing just that…particularly in this part of the world. I know people earn large salaries but they also live large…really , really large! We live in a city where consumerism is like an Olympic sport…every weekend the malls are full of people buying stuff….clothes, furniture, books, food……

Frugal Queen is constantly downsizing…she makes her own bread , cakes and biscuits-she has reduced her water and heating bills by almost half by being vigilant and careful….just yesterday I sat at a traffic light and watched a gardener from one  of the huge villas, hosing down the driveway and sidewalk with a hosepipe…..all that water being wasted! There is no conscious thought that at some point, the water will come to an end and we will be desperate for fresh drinking water. What is wrong with a broom or a leaf blower?It makes me sad and extremely frustrated and is definitely impacting on my decision about where I will eventually end up living in the future.

Frugal Queen has even dug up parts of her garden to grow vegetables-the cost of food rises daily and while on the surface it looks like shelves are laden and there are no shortages here, how do we know what the future holds….to be able to supplement your food purchases with home grown vegetables would be amazing!

Although Frugal Queen has taken a decision to live a certain way, which honestly may seem extreme to some people, I truly admire her dedication and resolve and I think more of us should take up the challenge of living within our means and reducing consumption wherever we can..after all, this is what got the world into the current mess we are   in! I would highly recommend this blog for a thoroughly interesting insight into this women’s journey to be free of debt….it  is enlightening and certainly educational!

A while back I wrote a post about Intelligent Luxury and I am adding the advice from the Frugal Queen to my daily read in my attempt to live more consciously….I  believe that it is the pathway to inner peace and happiness and a debt free life!

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