A Small Home-the benefits…

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I read this post today with great interest….a couple of years ago I made the decision to completely downsize my apartment and by that I mean relocate from a three bedroom (four bathroom) apartment into a studio apartment! It was a shock to the system to put it mildly! The excess furniture was one thing-my sister has adopted most of the really large pieces like my huge three – seater sofa and the extra double bed from my guest room…but I am still discarding things which I find superfluous in my smaller home, almost two years later!

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The author of the post, Shannon, lists about 10 points why it is a good idea to downsize to a smaller home. They all rang true for me…here in Dubai, most expats rent ,unless you are lucky enough to be able to own your own villa/apartment. I have never been in a position to be able to want to own my property, and it has seemed a bit too permanent for the wanderer that I am deep down! Even though we have very recently started recovering from the devastating property crash which hit us so hard a few years ago, people(landlords) are still greedily demanding higher rents again and what’s worse, we are paying them again!!

My smaller home has made me a much happier person – the fact that I use less electricity and water pleases my “green “heart (and my pocket) and I am also able to pay my rent relatively easily…here in the UAE, all rents have to be paid in full a year ahead. So the less the rent, the less the headache….it’s also much easier to clean and keep clean, although that is always a challenge for me anyway! I live in a community located close to a large shopping mall and numerous restaurants and other small stores, so it is very easy and convenient if one needs anything.

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I am also trying to get rid of “junk”and replace it with less but better quality items… something which is much easier to do when the space you live in is small ….Shannon also makes the very valid point that a simpler life is also more fulfilling…something I am striving to achieve!With a smaller space, you can afford to decorate with better quality items because you need so few things .I am also trying to decorate my space in a way that is luxurious and lavish to me…after all, the other great part about living in a small space is that you don’t often have to share it! Having had my share of nightmare room mates, I am more than happy living on my own!!!

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