Feminine Glamour…..

I have decided that I love pretty , feminine interiors….I admire minimalist interiors and I long to be able to live like some people do..with little or no clutter, but in reality, I am just not that person! I like cozy and layered interiors and the pretty , glamorous ones speak to me the loudest!

image via http://achadosdedecoracao.blogspot.co.uk
image via http://achadosdedecoracao.blogspot.co.uk

What a gorgeous space….a little corner of beauty for a woman to put on her make-up and get ready to face the day.That little ottoman  is the crowning glory, in my humble opinion…..it looks as though this corner  may be part of a larger dressing room, but it just goes to show that any little tiny space can be glammed up relatively easy with a bit of texture and sparkle!

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