A New Look…

image via tobifairley.com
image via tobifairley.com

(No..this is not my wardrobe….just wishful thinking!!)

I am currently in de-clutter and clean out mode(my home is getting a complete going over with lots of recycling and giving away and hopefully not too much throwing away), and I felt like giving my blog a fresh new look too….there are a lot of changes happening in my life at the moment, particularly in my professional life, but until it all happens, I will wait to share all the details..

I am hoping it will be a good change and one which will give me a new direction work-wise….I don’t know about other people, but change is always a bit unsettling for me and after the fact, I look back and realise it was for the best, but at the time it makes me a little uneasy!!

image via marthastewart.com
image via marthastewart.com

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