Gorgeous Nursery…

As most of my friends will know, I am not the type of girl who goes gooey over babies…(but I adore and love my nieces, nephew and my godchildren)I do, however, love children’s decor, particularly stylish children’s decor….let’s face it, kids’rooms can go horribly wrong in the decor department sometimes,particularly when the use of primary colours gets a bit out of hand!

I recently discovered a lovely new blog(new for me, that is) called  Fleurishing. written by Susan Hutchinson, a happily married mother of twins….she posted these images of her nursery on her blog and I have to say that I LOVE it…a gorgeous , neutral space packed with lovely details and personal touches.

all images via Felurishing blog
all images via Fleurishing blog

The neutral background is so gentle and soothing, and she adds pops of colour and texture with the little books, toys and artwork…these babies will definitely be lulled to sleep in such lovely surroundings…

fleurishing 5

fleurishing 3

fleurishing 1

What a great idea-the precious little knitted sweater in the frame…….

As I mentioned, Susan is a mother of twins (and  a cute little Yorkie)..a little girl and a little boy and they are even more beautiful than their nursery! The talented blogger also posts photos of the babies ,which she also takes herself…is there no end to her talents? Her home is as delightful and tasteful as the nursery and can be viewed here.

Do take a look…this is one very talented and stylish lady!




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