Happy New Year….

trafalgar at sunsetWell, it’s 2013(I apologise for the lateness of the New Year post!!)….I am back home after 10 days away and lots of drama, including being removed from a plane at Heathrow due to my sister being ill and not being able to keep any liquids down….who knew that would be a problem when one flies?Well, now we do…we literally were removed from the plane after being seated and dumped back in the terminal with our luggage!!! Very undignified and a little bit traumatic, it has to be said…some stern words are to be emailed to the airline concerned ,at the lack of service and assistance we were subjected to, once we were kicked off!

Our visit to the UK was amazing…I had forgotten how much I really love the weather (yes even the overcast skies) and the gentle countryside, even in the winter. We spent our Christmas Day having the most superb lunch in a local pub…some of the nicest food I have ever eaten!It was such a fun experience for us to get bundled up in scarves, hats and gloves to go out to eat at a cosy restaurant with an open fire….We went to see the local hunt on Boxing Day-quite a controversial event it seems ,and  we spent some great quality time with our Mum and even managed a quick visit to Trafalgar Square to see the Christmas tree and New Years’preparations. We also visited a couple of lovely villages nearby my Mum’s little village and one in particular, Stamford, was quite fabulous and I have some lovely photos which I will share in a later post…

Now I am back and I am busy planning my budgets and goals for 2013. I have been catching up on a few blogs and one in particular has really inspired me…Tobi Fairley’s blog is wonderful and filled with inspiration particularly aimed at designers and other creatives. She has made some changes in her life in 2012 and she shares them in her posts. She is an amazing designer and I have loved reading about her goals and what she has achieved in the past year…I plan to be as pro-active as she has been, with planning and executing my goals.

This year I also plan to grow my business…I want to employ an assistant and also some additional painters to enable me to do more projects simultaneously…I am also revising our systems and how we do our work in order to make things more streamlined and efficient….so all in all, I have hit the ground running, as they say.

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