Christmas in London….

Exciting times….this is where my sister and I will be this Christmas….

image via
image via

We will be catching a lot of these I am sure….

image via
image via

And eating  lunch at a few of these….

image via
image via

And really hoping for some of this…..

image via
image via

After a really busy year I am so looking forward to taking some time off and relaxing with family and friends….a change of location is always relaxing for me and I find it refreshes my brain and my creativity, which is always good for a New Year ahead.

It will also be a lot of fun (can I call it fun?) to be celebrating Christmas in a (REALLY) cold environment for a change….the last time I celebrated Christmas in England was in the late 80’s so who knows how I will cope with the cold! My sister is convinced I will be curling up in a ball and not moving for 10days, but I plan to bravely soldier on!

Our main reason for going is to spend time with our Mum, who lives just outside Cambridge, but we are planning a couple of day trips to London which I am really looking forward to…I will be visiting the National Gallery and hopefully the Tate to absorb some culture and we will definitely be taking advantage of the Sales!!

After the mad rush to finish work in time for my departure, I will be most looking forward to getting on the aircraft and switching off my phone and computer, and catching up on some movies for the next 6 1/2 hours!

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