Thought Provoking…

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I recently saw this movie  a docu-drama about Joyce Vincent, a young woman who died alone in her apartment in 2003 and whose body was only discovered 3 years later.I was initially horrified at the thought that someone could be so forgotten by family and friends and when I watched the film, I became very sad as I realised that it can actually happen….the saddest thing of all ,was that she was found surrounded by Christmas gifts which she had been wrapping ….I thought that was very poignant. She must have had people she cared enough about to buy gifts for, and yet no one knew that she was alone and had died. It makes me truly thankful for the people in my life, both my friends and my family and also the fact that I know (or at least I hope) that I would be missed if I did not show up at work an a particular day….

During this Festive Season, let us spare a thought for those people who are alone, with no one to care about them or check up on them.

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