Blue Skies….

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I found these incredible images on this blog and I literally groaned out loud! Today has been the most horrific day weather-wise in Dubai, with strong winds, temperatures at 48 degrees C and sand blowing in from Saudi creating a scene not unlike a sci-fi movie. Hot , dusty and horribly hazy with sand blowing across the road and making driving rather hazardous…The kind of day that makes you wonder what on earth you are doing here…the kind of day that makes you re-evaluate your choices!!!

While driving around in this chaos today, I was thinking that  I am fairly certain that humans are not meant to live in this insanity….a dry and virtually barren landscape battered constantly by the wind and sand….then I found these images…….the bright blue skies, the white buildings and the colour!! I can actually feel the crisp ,but warm air as I look at these images and with another 10 days until I can escape to Turkey….all I can do is just dream!

Trying to work and do what one has to do in this weather is challenging to say the least….the wind is about the same temperature as the draft of hot air which blows in your face when you open your oven while baking….it dries out your skin and hair and the dust literally sandblasts you, so that once you get indoors, you have a fine coating of dust all over your body. The dust is also so fine that it gets through all the rubber seals on your doors and windows, so that your entire home is also coated in a fine powder….the only upside to all of this is that the howling wind keeps the humidity at bay, so although it is hot, it’s not a damp heat. We will have that joy in September, when the winds die down and the humidity and fog roll in!

All in all, you may wonder why we stay and why lunatics like me have stayed for more than 10 years….I have no idea…this year seems to be particularly bad and because I am really overdue for a vacation, I think I am just not dealing with things as well as I normally would. So…all the moaning is over….here’s hoping tomorrow has some blue skies…..

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