Time for Toile…….

For those few people who have never heard of Toile, it is a French name for a fabric meaning linen or canvas cloth, dating back to the 16th Century. Nowadays it predominantly refers to the design printed onto the linen or cotton fabric, usually a pastoral scene in a single colour, mostly black, blue or red. It is also available in wallpapers, of course…..

image via manuel canovas

It is a fabulous way to add a traditional touch to a room yet without overpowering the room with colour and pattern, because although the design of the pattern is usually quite complex, because of the monochromatic colour scheme, it looks deceptively simple and chic.

image via manuel canovas

This one in coral and grey is just beautiful….although not strictly traditional in that it is two or possibly three  colours, it still has a lovely feel.

image via manuel canovas

Very different-Toile medallions…an unusual take on the concept.

image via manuel canovas

A very traditional red with just a highlight of white.

image via manuel canovas

Again, a very unusual take on a traditional theme…this time pink and grey with white highlights.

Whenever I browse blogs or fabric sites, the Toiles definitely catch my eye every time…I would love to do an entire room in a toile in my country cottage (the fantasy one of course!) one day…perhaps the guest room?Oh a girl can dream…….


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