August Already?….

Where has the year gone? We are about half way through the Holy Month of Ramadan and , apart from a couple of days, I have managed the “no drinking no eating in public” reasonably well…strangely enough, the only time it has affected me is on the weekends, when I feel like going out for a meal somewhere, only to remember that …..the restaurants are closed!Other than that, I have planned my day with a bottle of water in my bag for emergencies and trail mix in case I cannot find anywhere to grab a snack!

I am still reeling at the fact that we are only  about 5  months away from Christmas…yikes!! One of my big projects has been delayed by a month and the start date falls right in the middle of my vacation, so I have had to delay our start date by another week, which has thrown out our work schedule for the rest of the year….oh dear..the joys!!

On a completely separate note…organisation! While I should have been planning and organising our schedule, I was browsing blogs and found a few images of really really well organised spaces! That counts right?

image via luxirare blog

Beautifully organised food!

image source unknown

Beautifully organised books…..

image via haven and home blog

Beautifully organised food storage…….

Inspiring to say the least…now if I could just do the same with my life!!!

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