Moroccan Influences…..

image via Cote de Texas
While browsing the fabulous blog Cote de Texas, I saw these wonderful images of stenciled columns in one of Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s client’s houses-these images are from his new book…a definite must on my to buy list, that is for sure!!

image via Cote de Texas
image via Cote de Texas
This look fits in with Middle Eastern architecture exceptionally well and one of my first projects I did in the UAE involved emulating hand painted Moroccan tiles, because my client was unable to get the exact colour she wanted in real ceramic tiles…so we laser cut stencils and hand stenciled and painted each column….it took me months…but the result was incredible!

Unfortunately, as is so often the case, I never got to see the  finished result as my work was completed before the upholstery and curtains were installed. The same client also had her bedroom painted by another decorative artist to look like an Egyptian themed room….it was magnificent , with 24 karat gold leaf applied to the walls and ceilings and Egyptian hieroglyphs on every surface . Neither of us saw that room completed either but I did manage to take a few images of my work just prior to leaving the site….

work in progress

the finished column

 We added gold leaf to the very ornate cornice and around the top of the column.

Can you believe that this work was all done on a room which was a family room and breakfast area off the kitchen-the kitchen was fitted by a German company who flew their technicians out from Germany to personally take care of the installation…it was a spectacular kitchen, I have to say! My client was a wonderful Emirati lady whom I recently bumped into while doing some grocery shopping!

These images of my work  below, are niches which I painted and gold leafed in the One and Only Royal Mirage Arabian Court Hotel…..the intricacy and precision of the designs are extremely difficult to maintain but somehow my assistant at the time, and I were able to accomplish what I believe was an accurate depiction of classic Moroccan style tiles.

Gold leaf and acrylic paint Moroccan tile design

Looking at what Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s decorative painter did for him has made me think that I actually like the aged look of his designs better!!

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