South African Home Tour Part Four…..

This is my final post on this lovely home and the final images focus on the remaining rooms of the home…the dining room, kitchen and the veranda.

The kitchen is a long narrow room with French doors opening out to the garden.The kitchen is one of the only rooms which has been left undone during the extensive renovations to the house during the last three years and the owners will be remedying this very soon! My friend has agreed to keep me posted on the progress of the remodel as soon as they start..

The kitchen has two tables which are used as work surfaces and where the family sits down for a casual meal. The mismatched chairs are great and the tables are old finds that have been used in previous homes. A lot of the furniture in this room is not actually fitted , like the wonderful piece to the right of the image , which is filled with china.

A fabulous stone urn and two vintage china parrots…I love some decorative items in a kitchen…it cannot all be about function!!

A perfect example below….shelves for some storage but also decorative items.

My friend D was one of the first people I knew who installed a chandelier in her kitchen…she was very ahead of the trend on that one!

Unfortunately , this image below is the only one I have of the dining room, which is located just off the kitchen and is also a narrow rectangular room-the dining table seats about 8 people and is furnished with wonderful cane chairs and soft, plush cushions. The grass cloth wall covering on the feature wall, ties the room into the other rooms on the ground floor and adds texture and colour to an otherwise neutral scheme.

I did manage to find an image I took on one of my last visits….this was taken about 3 years ago I would guess and you can see clearly how much the look has changed, yet D has used the same major pieces and just moved them from other rooms .

The lovely little courtyard directly off the dining room.

Directly next to the dining room is a small room which D has made into a reading room/library. As a dedicated book-lover, D has created a little oasis to store her beautiful and vast collection of interior books along with other books covering subjects such as  fashion, cookery, and travel….I love the gallery wall and I also adore the round table in the centre of the room with a sofa to drop  into  should the need arise.

A view of the shelves-I love the pop of turquoise ceramics, and the little oil is wonderful.

The only image I have of the veranda, which is completely enclosed by glass doors and shaded with reed blinds.

This is another image I took a few years ago of a lovely vignette on the veranda.

I thought I would also add a few images of D’s gorgeous dressing room which is off the master bedroom and which I did not include in previous posts.

 I apologise for the slightly blurry image! This is the view from the door to the master suite, looking across the room to the walk in dressing room.

All images above taken by Colleen Shaw

The wardrobes are on the left and right, with a centre island for bags and accessories and her perfumes are all kept on the  counter top on a beautiful silver tray. The full length glass doors behind the centre island house her insanely gorgeous shoe collection!

I hope you have enjoyed the last few images of this lovely home….I am looking forward to seeing the kitchen remodel and the progress on that project!

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