Gorgeous Home Office….

We are currently in the middle of “spring cleaning” and refurbishing our offices at work and while browsing for some inspiration, I discovered this wonderful home office for two…I love the clean, organised finish and particularly the personal touches with the framed pictures and artwork on the wall. While this may not be appropriate for a professional office, it still makes what could be a boring, utilitarian space more interesting.

These built-in filing cabinets are perfect and would be ideal for our office, where we are constantly drowning in paperwork for projects we are working on.

This look like a pull- out surface to view larger documents such as plans and drawings.

Of course, the over all white and grey scheme, with pops  of colour here and there is exactly what I would choose!

All images via http://dustjacketattic.blogspot.co.uk ,design by kelly deck design, photographed by barry calhoun via the globe and mail

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