Glowing Gold Leaf….

I recently discovered this amazing boutique Stella Cadente, located in Paris . It caught my eye, partly because of the clothing and displays but mostly because of the amazing gold leaf…the entire boutique appears to be clad in gold leaf! What a job….gold leaf is a difficult product to handle and even more difficult to execute well. so to see this scope of work done well, was good to see…I can only imagine the challenges which the decorative artists faced!

image via

I find the curved walls and display units rather unique too…

image via

The rich gold sets off the clothing and accessories very well.

image via
image via

Even the walls have been gold leafed as you are able to see on the right in this image.

image via

Viewed from the outside, the boutique really does glow..such a contrast to the grey buildings on either side.Very stylish, but then what else does one expect from Paris?

I am currently sourcing some inspiration for a gold leaf project I am working on ….it seems that I have a few projects lately involving gold leaf and one which requires 23.75 k gold leaf…basically pure gold. This is one I am really excited about as it is a prestigious penthouse in an amazing property in Dubai and using pure gold always makes for a spectacular finish which literally does glow like a piece of jewellery.

I hope to be able to post some images of that soon!

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