Sophisticated Bush Lodge Decoration….

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South African Bush Lodge Decoration , in my humble opinion, is incredibly stylish when done well. There are some extremely talented architects and decorators who have created spaces that are spectacular in their simplicity.

While decoration in Dubai tends to be glossy, glamorous and shiny, South African decor is the antithesis. with layered textures, liberal use of natural and stained woods and lots of linen and cotton upholstery and cushions. It is glamour dressed down and yet comfort is not sacrificed in any way…in fact the natural elements are easy to live with and maintain.

Floors tend to be wood or  tinted cement…walls  are light coloured or white, often with a feature wall of stone or dark paint, and sometimes natural plasters are used for warmth and pattern on walls.Ceilings are usually non-existent, with the thatch roof and wooden beams often visible …adding to the overall texture of the rooms.

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This style could be called global eclectic..or perhaps global Colonial….a mixture of tribal artifacts, a touch of contemporary furniture and soft, comfortable sofas and chairs…perfect for relaxing.

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This image shows a wonderful mixture of pattern from the fabrics, organic shapes and plants and baskets for added interest. A lovely place to sit and read a book …with the cool breeze off the trees.

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This image is my favourite with soft, plush over sized cushions, a tufted ottoman styled beautifully with books , beads and candles.The fabrics are patterned , yet the colours are all similar tones so they work well together. A warm and cozy spot to enjoy a glass of wine!

What would African decor be without a zebra print or even a genuine zebra rug…not what I would have, but this is one place I would think it truly belongs!

I love the chocolate walls and Nguni cow hide rug on the floor…

This image below is perfect….white walls, grey fabrics, loose linen covers, stone walls for interest , rattan chairs, tufted ottoman..again…I could move in tomorrow!

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These images are just calling out to me to visit the bush for a few days….if only I had the time and I didn’t live thousands of miles away!

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