South African Home Tour Part 2…..

In a recent post I shared the exterior of a wonderful home in Durban, South Africa and I will share the interior images today.

This is the living room viewed from the entrance hall…my clever and talented friend D  used a gorgeous grasscloth wallpaper on the  feature wall in the living room. It adds warmth and creates a contrast with the stained  floors.

An image of the artfully arranged vignette featuring a botanical painting of an aloe, a native plant of South Africa.

Looking across the living room from the enclosed veranda, this image shows the sofas slipcovered in white cotton and a selection of scatter cushions. On almost every surface, there is a plant or flowers….a lovely addition to every room.

A view of the ottoman in the centre of the living room , showing a collection of books, Chinese calligraphy brushes , boxes and some glamorous silver urns.

A slightly different angle looking towards the windows….every room has been fitted with shutters, an extremely practical choice, considering the climate and also the security issues face by homeowners in South Africa! They certainly add to the overtly Colonial style of this home…

This is the landing on the staircase leading up to the bedrooms and media room. The circular window is a lovely touch and it looks out on to the tropical trees planted along the driveway leading to the garage.

This vignette is situated in the master bedroom as you walk in from the landing…Antique perfume bottles, silver cigarette cases and various urns and frames create a fascinating spot to pause and discover more about the owner of this home. She is a voracious collector and has an eye for exceptional pieces, as you can see!

The magnificent headboard in the master bedroom is wonderful against the grasscloth.

This shows another angle of the table and chairs , looking from the walk-in dressing room to the door off the landing. (apologies for the slightly blurry quality of the image)

A view across the room from the window….another vignette at the foot of the bed features a gorgeous duck-egg blue ginger jar….heavenly with the roses, which I am sure are all from the garden!

Part 3 to follow in a future post!

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