The Heat is Well and Truly On……

The summer has clearly arrived….the temperatures are soaring into the mid-forties and the humidity is so bad it is almost like a thick fog hanging around the buildings….the next few months will be spent indoors and in air-conditioning ….for me this is the worst part of living here…I loathe the lack of fresh air and sitting in a cooled environment is so unhealthy.This year, however, I will be taking a short trip with my sister ,to Istanbul to escape the summer heat here in the Middle East and I am counting the days…I will be extremely busy with two very large projects until the second week of August but after that I will take a few days off and I will literally fly away!

We will be staying here:

image via

And seeing a lot of these:

image via
image via
image via
image via

And doing LOTS of this:

image via
image via

Half the fun of a trip is in the planning and I will be spending a fair amount of time in front of my computer researching places to see and things to do in Istanbul. It will not be my first visit, as I spent about 8 days travelling around Turkey sourcing fabrics a few years ago. Turkey has an amazing Textile industry and their textile mills were fascinating to tour. I only actually spent a day and a night in Istanbul, so I am looking forward to seeing more of this historical city.


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