Clever Crafting….

image by Ingrid Hogg

I wanted to post this image of a hand-made bag my very clever friend Ingrid made for her daughter….inspired by an image she found on Pinterest, she fashioned this very cute little accessory! I asked her to share with us how she did it:

” I saw the idea on Pinterest, and decided that it must be easy enough to do. I knitted a rectangular piece of cabling with enough 1 x 1 ribbing on each end to wrap around handles.  The handles were made by a very talented gentleman by the name of Peter who runs a small family woodworking business across from the Botha’s Hill train station (South Africa).  I made the inner bag with some interesting cotton fabric, to which I attached boning to the sides and across the bottom. Then I put it all together. Before hand stitching the inner and outer bags together, I made a big linen fabric bow which I fed through the wool to finish on the inside,tacked the bow in places to make sure it stayed in the right place – and “Voila”

I love talented people! It always amazes me how many creative people are out there and the lovely things they make….

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