Can someone stop the train please….

Zabeel Saray, The Palm

I feel like I am on a runaway train at the moment… projects are all in full swing, and I am about to sign up another really large scale project at the new extension currently being built at the Dubai Mall. I cannot say too much about it yet, but I am submitting samples and quotations and then saying a few prayers!!I feel very blessed in terms of the amount of work which is coming my way…..Hopefully I will know in a couple of days whether the project is definitely ours….fingers crossed.

In addition to all my work, I have had a friend visiting from Hong Kong (always fun, but very stressful trying to fit in sightseeing and dinners etc and work…after all, we’re not on holiday!) and I am also dealing with some legal issues which date back to the deep, dark days of the recession… say that I am stretched thin is an understatement and I am feeling about as creative as a pot plant at the moment!

This is one of my main challenges while working in the creative field….earning a living from your art or creativity, is in itself quite a stressful situation because you are constantly under pressure to deliver and, as most creative people know, that does not always happen on tap…especially when you are like I am at the moment…stretched too thin…I need a break….a place to disappear to for a few days and to just rest, unwind and refresh my mind and most importantly, my creativity.

I usually like to escape to the UK to visit my mum.. I visit the amazing art galleries and just immerse myself in green trees and plants , fresh cool air and old buildings with history, age and patina. My favourite thing to do in London is to find a great little cafe and sit and watch people….there are some incredibly wacky people and fashions and endless sources of ideas and inspiration.I also love walking around the streets and taking hundreds of photos of whatever catches my eye….just a few more months and I will hopefully be able to carve out some time for myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I love living in the Middle East…its a vibrant, constantly evolving and energetic part of the globe and it is growing so incredibly fast, but things are so shiny and new and glossy here and the pace and speed we all work at is incredibly frenetic….believe it or not, it gets really tiring to look at all that glossy glamour after a while.

image via
image via

I long for some aged, moss covered buildings which have a story and a long history instead of a glass fronted skyscraper with no windows that open!! That’s pretty much where I am at right now…..I can imagine people thinking I am mad but I am pretty sure there are other people who must feel the same way!

I took  the first photo above while visiting the gorgeous Zabeel Saray Hotel on the Palm recently…..I will post some of the other images soon… about glamour….they do it on a whole new level at this amazing hotel!

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