A Great New ( at least new to me!) Swedish Blog…..

I am fairly sure that by now you have realised that I am infatuated with Swedish blogs….and I have discovered another great one…this is a wonderful blog written by a talented woman who does all her own DIY projects around the house…not just crafty stuff, but the really tough things like re-tiling, grouting, flooring,making and fitting her own shelves etc…..I am in awe of her skill…she truly is a girl after my own heart! I take pride in the fact that I am able to install my own curtain rods and shelves…I haven’t had to do any tiling yet but when I do, I am certain I will somehow manage it!

I can obviously paint walls and ceilings, but to date I have not laid down a hardwood floor…it cannot be that difficult, surely? (I can see imagine flooring specialists and carpenters shaking their heads!) As a renter, I have not been in position to do any DIY, nor have I honestly had any desire to do so, but Benita is a huge inspiration and makes me want to rush off to Ace Hardware and buy tools of all descriptions!

Although Benita’s lovely home is a little too spare and minimal for my taste, I love how clean and fresh it is and how much she reuses and recycles things….see this post.She uses a lot of stuff she finds at her office to create interesting objects for her home!

all images via http://chezlarsson.com

Please pop in and see her blog…it really is worth a look and full of great ideas for DIY projects!

2 thoughts on “A Great New ( at least new to me!) Swedish Blog…..

  1. this blog has been around since 2008 and is (deservingly) very famous around the blogosphere…not exactly a NEW blog 😉

    1. Hi Giovanna
      I apologise..I should have specified that it was new to me….I love her style of writing and as a relative newcomer to blogging myself, I have been inspired by Benita’s writing and projects and her generous sharing f information. Thanks for stopping by to comment.

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