International Womens’ Day…

Today is a day celebrating women…all over the world. I thought I would like to mark the day by sharing a few of the women who inspire me.

First and foremost Oprah. She is such an inspiration to me…her positive attitude , generous spirit, her intelligence and her strength…she embodies all the qualities I aspire to ……she has touched the lives of millions of women (and men) all over the world and strives to conduct her life with integrity and courage. With her “Live your best life”program, she has turned around the lives of men and women and made us all face our issues and deal with them….

image via Oprah

Another high profile woman who is truly an inspiration to me is Martha Stewart. Her phrase “I’ts a good thing” has touched millions of households,and through her books and television shows, she has been educating us on how to do things better and more beautifully….her tireless energy and pursuit of perfection in everything she does, make her an inspiration to me and many others. I think that her determination not to allow her financial woes (and jail time!) to get her down, showed incredible spirit and strength and just browsing her website and looking at her wonderful farm and behind the scenes of her life gives you an idea of just how disciplined she is, and how well she runs her empire she has built.

image via
image via

There are some amazing designers who inspire us all……Mary MacDonald, Kelly Hoppen, Kelly Wearstler….I thought about what all these women had in common…aside from the fact that they are successful business women in an extremely competitive industry…they are all strong, independent women who have worked extremely hard at their craft and who continue to do so on a daily basis. They are innovative and creative and are constantly evolving to adapt to the ever changing business environment.

image via
image via
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On a more personal level, I am inspired by my mother ,who decided at the age of 65 to move to a new country and start a completely new life …on her own, my younger sister who is a very busy stay at home mum (seriously the hardest and most demanding job in the world) , my other sister who is forging an amazing career in the learning an development industry, my cousin who is a working mum dealing with the very real stress of having to balance work and mom duties! I am constantly in awe of my friends who do this…I cannot imagine how on earth they manage it! It is hard enough taking care of myself and my business, never mind a family too! My friends and family who are single mothers….how tough must that be and yet somehow they manage it with grace and humour!

To all women….on this day of worldwide recognition, let us embrace our uniqueness,femininity and strength…

Happy Womens’ Day.

3 thoughts on “International Womens’ Day…

  1. a day late dear Julie, but here is wishing you all that you bestowed on your mentors..
    thank you for this dedication. le bon weekend!
    Hugs&XX Colette

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