Deck the halls with boughs of holly….and some baubles too!

I cannot believe that it is only 9 days until Christmas……I love Christmas and who doesn’t love decorating the tree?I have finally unpacked my Christmas decorations and I plan to put up my tree which will be installed  at my sister’s house, where we will be having Christmas lunch. This will have to be done this weekend – my mum is arriving from the UK next week and I need to have it all decorated by then…I am also trying to finish up my painted ceiling project in time for Christmas so that I can at least take a couple of weeks off to spend with my family……so this weekend is going to be really really busy! I have been searching online for some decorating inspiration and there are some spectacular Holiday decorations out there…..look at what I found………

image via french garden house

The charm of simple red and green against white is wonderful….

image source unknown
image via martha stewart living

These wreaths are amazing and the little velvet dress is just perfect!

image via martha stewart living

Somehow Martha always gets it right…

image via southern accents

Chartreuse and turquoise…..what an unusual combination and it works beautifully.

image via traditional home

Glamour and sparkle….it wouldn’t be Festive without candles and flowers..

image via better homes and gardens

How fabulous to come downstairs to these presents on Christmas morning….

image source unknown

Although this tree looks almost sparse in comparison to the tree above, I love the simplicity and lack of colour.

I actually have never experienced a true white Christmas and even though the Middle East is relatively chilly during December, the chances of snow are minimal to non existent, so I plan to aim for a white Christmas next year…wherever that needs to be…..possibly the UK or the US…who knows? Something to add to my list of New Years Resolutions for 2012. I would love to experience the sights and sounds of Christmas with snow…I am sure it would be incredible and I am so envious of all the lucky people who will be sitting in front of a fire, opening presents while snow falls outside!! Yes, I am sure I would not be quite so convinced once I lived through a snow storm with no power……I have read some of the posts which other bloggers have written about being stranded without power for days and having to dig their way out of their snow covered properties! Probably not so much fun! Maybe a Christmas in the sand is not too bad after all……… long as you are with family and friends, does it really matter where we celebrate?

One thought on “Deck the halls with boughs of holly….and some baubles too!

  1. our very best wishes for a truly blessed Christmas Julie, It was great linking up with you again after all these years…much love and XO’s Colette Afrique du Sud

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