One year old……….

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Today’s post marks my first year of blogging and I am amazed at how quickly the time has flown by! Since I started posting I have learned so much about internet marketing, blogging and on-line business in general! I plan to learn even more in the coming months as I honestly believe that the future is on-line “everything”!

Twelve years ago I did not even own a computer and now I am setting up an online shop- exciting times ahead…..and I will soon have a website and of course,there is my blog ,which I hope will just grow  with more readers and followers!


linen fabric with silk organza flowers

To celebrate my one year anniversary, I am offering a give-away….a gorgeous scatter cushion decorated with hand made silk organza flowers with crystal bead centres. All you need to do, is become a follower by clicking the “sign me up” button on the right of the column and providing your email address. I will pick a winner at the end of November and the lucky person will receive a cushion in the post.

Good luck!

2 thoughts on “One year old……….

  1. Congrats Julie!
    You know what they say:Amazing how time flies when you’r having fun!..
    Thank you for sharing your creative thoughts with us, Allways inspiring.
    best wishes for your online shop! Hugs Colette

    1. Thanks Col….I am constantly amazed at how fast time goes generally! It seems just a few weeks ago that we were starting the new year!!
      Thanks for the good wishes-I will update you when the shop goes live through Etsy!
      Take care

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