Shiny white and fresh………

image via arianna belle

While browsing through design blogs this weekend, I came upon these two pristine kitchens…..I really don’t have strong feelings about kitchens for myself….mostly because I don’t own my apartment. As long as it has  enough storage and good lighting I am happy….as I am a renter, there is also not too much I can do about the kitchen I have. We are definitely not encouraged to paint cupboard doors by  landlords and most apartments here are built and designed with heavy dark wood doors, frames and cupboards and the ubiquitous marble or granite counter tops.

image via coco-pearl

Lately I have really been lusting after a bright fresh kitchen and these two tick all the boxes! Oh to be able to paint all my (fake) mahogany  cupboards white and give the kitchen a total makeover……………….this obsession with dark wood and black granite must come to an end now!

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