Reducing waste….

image via zerowasteblog

As I mentioned in a recent post, I have not been well and I have been amusing myself by reading some new blogs…one in particular caught my eye and has really resonated within me. As my good friends will all tell you, I am a bit of a ‘tree -hugger”and consider myself to be  concerned about our impact on the environment , particularly here in the Middle East.

A  positive side effect of the worldwide recession for me has been a massive downsizing of all aspects of my life-car, apartment, travel, shopping…..I have come to realise how little one actually needs to live on….not luxuriously, but just using the basics and I have managed to reduce the minimum amount of money I need to live on by over half what I used to spend a few years ago.(By moving to a MUCH smaller apartment, I have managed to reduce my electricity bill by 60% and my rent by 20%. I drive a very small car which uses half the fuel my 4 x4 used to use!)

image via zerowasteblog

This blog has made me further consider how we live….I am a hoarder…I love my “things” and being a decorator, I love to display art, books and pieces I have collected from travels  on my shelves, so I am extremely conflicted while reading this blog…on one hand I am in awe of the amazing household Bea runs and on the other hand I think…..aaaagh…I could never get rid of all my lovely things and live a minimalist life!!! Yet…she has certainly inspired me and I have been thinking of nothing else for the last few days….while I am not quite ready to be zero waste just yet, I am definitely going to reduce RADICALLY the amount of plastic I am currently bringing into my house.

Bea’s blog is a commentary on their life ,trying to live with creating as little waste as possible and they , as a family, have managed to reduce their waste to almost nothing. Her philosophy is to not bring things into the house in the first place…for example: the plastic grocery bags we all grab when buying healthy vegetables….well, the plastic is not healthy and when discarded, simply ends up in landfills or our oceans , and will last thousands of years before disintegrating. Her solution is to use mesh laundry bags to put the vegetables into and to then weigh them in these bags….no plastic and no waste..genius! The family composts all fruit and vegetable peels and they use the compost in the garden. This would not be practical for me in an apartment, but after seeing how much plastic and junk I generated after a week of being sick in bed, I feel motivated to do something by at least trying to reduce packaging as much as possible.

image via zerowasteblog

As you can see from the images, the family home is clean, bright and very stylish……Do take a look at The Zero Waste Home… is a well written and informative blog full of really practical tips and ideas for reducing our wasteful ways and making the world a better place.

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