A new Month…..

image source unknown

I cannot believe that September is over and October is about to start….Christmas will be upon us and another New Year before we can blink an eye…..I will be very happy to see in a New Year as 2012 will be starting with a really big contract for me which is a great way to start a New Year and certainly much better than the previous few years , since the market in Dubai crashed in 2008. I am stuck indoors with a cold today, feeling very sorry for myself, but I am catching up on much needed paperwork and computer work as well as all my favourite blogs!!!

While I am still here, I have to say (without getting too serious and maudlin) that these past few years have posed several incredibly difficult challenges which I am honestly still trying to work through. By the end of December, I am hoping that most of the issues will be resolved and I can face 2012 with a fresh view and much more positive outlook.

Work -wise, the next few weeks are going to be very very busy and will involve many late nights! I will be completing my project on the Palace (which I mentioned in a previous post ) and tying up some loose ends in a few smaller projects I am involved in.

I will also be moving house…yes, I am still looking for a decent place to move in to……and I am also going to be looking for studio space-this is actually more urgent than the new apartment !! I have been approached by a furniture company from India who want to work with me on a painted furniture range and I also have several painted furniture pieces which I also need to complete for a lovely client in Dubai. My online store is almost live and I will post more about this later…..

So all in all, I have a busy month ahead and I cannot tell you how immensely grateful I am for this! This time last year, I literally had no work available to me so there has been enormous growth in my business life!

Now…if we could just get the cooler temperatures I would be blissfully happy!

what October looks like for us...

While the rest of the Northern Hemisphere enjoys Fall leaves and crisp , cool air, we start the day with thick fog, indicating (FINALLY) the transition from searing heat and humidity to our cooler months which make the Middle East perfect for about 5 months of the year!

Roll on winter is all I can say!

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