Painted Furniture…

I have a client who wants a few pieces of furniture painted and an inherited framed mirror silver leafed. I collected the pieces last month and we will be sanding and preparing them over the next few weeks and then painting them, to be ready for my clients  when they return from their vacation.

I have been sourcing ides and images from websites and blogs in order to come up with some great ideas for her.

I particularly love this dark grey piece with the aqua interior…such a great contrast!

image source unknown

The ivory finishes appeal the most, probably because they are neutral but I also love the duck-egg blue and pale turquoise finishes too, as I feel they would add appeal to any room .

image via georgica pond blog
image via georgica pond

Lovely detailing on this one………

image from mini peters
image via mini peters
image source unknown

This piece looks really spectacular with the touches of gold leaf against the grey textured finish.

image vis georgica pond
image from deninot collection

Loads of lovely inspiration !

I will post photos of the completed items very soon!

4 thoughts on “Painted Furniture…

  1. Are these your work , Jules? Lovely Lovely Gorgeous. inspires me to go paint a beautiful old Wotnot mirrorI have… thinking perhaps grey or cream

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