Escaping the heat….

As part of my campaign to escape the heat in Dubai, I have decided to try to make some collages with old photos, images, scrap booking tit bits and pretty much whatever I have lying around in my craft box….my main inspiration was this image from Charlotte Moss , whom I believe is an avid collage maker (is there such a word?) I find her collages really inspiring and interesting , particularly in her choice of colours.

This image is from her new book Charlotte Moss Decorates and shows one of her collages…such style!

image via Charlotte Moss

Ms Moss apparently uses these collages as inspiration for her various projects…much like a concept board but I think far more interesting, and definitely more creative!What a fun way to organise one’s thoughts and ideas…..

image via New York Social Diary

Even her desk is inspirational ,as is the much featured wall of illustrations behind her…..

image via New York Social Diary

I know many , many bloggers have posted this image but I never tire of it…I LOVE the gallery of illustrations and pictures…what a wonderful place to work in.



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