My grey obsession continues…

The hotter it gets in Dubai, the more my thoughts turn to cool interiors….for the next three or four months, most of our living will be done indoors as temperatures soar into the high 40’s and sometimes 50degrees C during the summer months. This year I am going to try to actively plan activities to do indoors like sorting out photos, scrap booking, doing some paintings and making over my portfolio. Anything to stay out of the heat…..with that in mind, I found these images in my digital inspiration folder and thought that I should share them.

image via garbo interiors sweden

To me, nothing looks as cool and welcoming in the heat as linen or cotton sheets….this bed looks gorgeous and exactly what we need in this heat and humidity. I also love the framed prints in the background!

unknown source

Some more linen….this time a skirted table which I think is a really elegant way of creating some extra hidden storage under the skirt! I love the colour of this linen too….so neutral! I am working on a project at the moment for a family home which has a French tone and this is the exact colour linen I am looking for to upholster their sofas in the living room.

I also love the “bar  set up on the table….with my favourite gin of course! What is better than sitting back and relaxing with an ice cold G & T with a wedge of lemon…….I can hear the clink of ice cubes!

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