The sublime Mr Vicente Wolf….

I have always been an avid admirer of the work of Vicente Wolf and many years ago, while still living in South Africa, I attended a lecture by Vicente at Decorex in Johannesburg. It was incredibly interesting and informative and even then he had star status and was polite and charming, answering questions and graciously meeting those of us who lingered on after the lecture was over, in the hope of somehow absorbing some of his incredible talent! (Coincidentally, I attended the lecture the very week that Princess Diana was tragically killed in Paris , so it is an occasion I would never forget…)Many years later, I still follow his work with almost fanatical interest and I was overjoyed to discover that he has a blog full of information about his day to day business…something I find most helpful as he sometimes has very similar issues with clients and suppliers which most designers seem to is comforting that someone of his standing in the design community is prepared to share this side of the business…he is as charming and humble in writing as he was in person, all those years ago.

See his wonderful blog here

image via Vicente Wolf

I love how his work is calm, balanced and textural without sacrificing comfort…those chairs are just waiting to be curled up on!

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