The work continues….

The nail salon I am working on with my client is almost ready to open and my client’s staff has started to arrive for training. The contractors have moved out (and the mess along with them!) and the cleaning crew are due to start tomorrow so I am off with her on a shopping trip for all the accessories we will be needing for the final touches….I have chosen a gorgeous wallpaper for two accent walls and last week my client purchased a really pretty chandelier which has now been installed above the reception…it is still hanging a little too high, so I am on the hunt for some matching chain to extend the existing chain which will drop the height by at least half a meter.

Once the wallpaper is up, we will install the sofas, cushions, stools and artwork. My client has been buying her salon products for the last week or so and things are looking really organised and professional….the salon opens on the 8th May and guess who gets to be a guinea-pig for a few treatments? I can’t wait…..

I will be posting pictures as soon as I finish styling and accessorising the shop……

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