Grey love…..the new white?

It seems to be that every lovely neutral room that catches my eye at the moment, has touches or shades of grey  in it….I have spent the last couple of days going through one of my favourite blogs Greige . This blog is gorgeous and full of the most inspirational images about……..yes……. grey in all its shades and hues….

I found these two images below on Greige and I was just bowled over by the gorgeous dress which I believe is vintage Dior…how can anyone go wrong with Dior…..

image via Greige
image via Greige


Then I also found  this magnificent room……

image via Greige
image via Greige

This room really speaks to me…in a calm , peaceful, harmonious way. The other thing I love about it is the textures….the rug combined with the linen upholstery make this room tactile and interesting, despite the muted palette ….and the books….need I say more?

I am currently working on a home for a client with a French feel and I want to show her this image for inspiration…it is exactly the look we are trying to achieve….a relaxed family home with a French flavour and a lived in feel.

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