A long absence……

I have not posted for a few months now, mostly due to the fact that I had a bit of an accident in December and I fell down some stairs after slipping on marble…..it was not pretty I can assure you and I ended up with torn ligaments in my right arm and right ankle as well as fractures in both ….I was not able to do much for at least three weeks and on top of it all I had to move house…..very difficult packing unpacking with one arm and unable to stand on both feet!!My cousin who also lives in Dubai was a saint and basically moved me to the new apartment …

My sister ended up flying out from South Africa to help me….I would just not have managed without her unpacking boxes while I sat on a chair with my broken ankle raised…needless to say that it took me a few weeks to get settled and unpack and months later I am now off crutches and  finally more mobile and far more appreciative of my limbs…..so I have decided to resume my posts and get back on track for the new year…perhaps a bit late, but I have good intentions for 2011!

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