Martha Stewart Weddings Middle East

I am not sure how I missed the press on this, but I found the Middle East edition of Martha Stewart Weddings on the supermarket shelf yesterday….it is a gorgeous issue and the cover image as well as the main bridal story was shot at my favorite hotel in Dubai, the One and Only Royal Mirage.

Of course , I am biased as I was involved with a lot of the decorative painting in the hotel, and in fact the cover shot features some of my work in the domes of the main lobby!

* image from Martha Stewart Weddings Middle East

If you look at the arches behind the model, there is a gold plaster which features a very subtle stenciled design….the effect is really rich and looks wonderful lit up at night. I was thrilled to see the gorgeous photo shoot and even more thrilled to see some of my work!

The magazine is lovely with the exacting “Martha ” stamp of quality…I can’t wait to see how the magazine editors and contributors deal with the cultural issues of this fascinating country we live in.

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